MBA Training Program


An MBA is a special master’s degree program designed for business professionals. In such a program, the focus is on business and management concepts. The degree typically takes two years to complete.

The benefit of completing an MBA in General Management is a well-rounded education that prepares a student to work in management positions. While the individual focus is chosen by the student, the general courses allow an individual to develop usable skills for a variety of industries. This often provides the student with amazing career options.

With an MBA in General Management, a graduate is often prepared to work in high-level positions within a company. Titles such as Chief Executive Officer or Chief Financial Officer are often within reach for a graduate of this program. Students are prepared to work in fields that include technology, global enterprises, energy, real estate, finance and consulting. A solid education in management often enables an individual to work in any choice of career in several industries, but the focus a student chooses in his or her program allows him or her to hone skills within the chosen industry to prepare for a solid career path in that field.

Programme Educational Objectives:
  • To provide students with a common body of knowledge that is applicable to the management of private, public, and nonprofit organizations.
  • To enhance student skills in the ability to identify problems, obtain relevant information, analyze alternatives, and implement appropriate solutions.
  • To provide students with experience in integrating the concepts and techniques from the various functional areas of business and applying them to organization-wide problems.
  • To promote understanding of the problems and opportunities afforded by the various environmental forces confronting management in all types and sizes of organizations.

Note: On successful completion of the courses the students will get certification by Cambridge International Institute of Professional Studies which is recognized by California University, USA. This will help the Student to attain global recognition and thus making them eligible for better opportunities.