Diploma in Advertising & Public Relations (DAPR)


Diploma in Advertising and Public Relations is a one year programme which gives the students a complete understanding and hands on experience of two of the fastest growing media industries in India namely Advertising and Public Relations. The students will learn different creative as well as business aspects of advertisement and public relations which will enable them to practically apply the concepts to create their innovative projects.

Programme Educational Objectives:
  • Impart knowledge about the concepts and methods of advertising.
  • Provide information about types of advertising and advertising models.
  • Provide insights into the concept of a brand and brand strategies.
  • Provide an understanding of the concepts, role and functions of Public Relations.
  • Describe the functions and structure of the Public Relations Department and professionals.
  • Make students understand the concepts and approaches of Media planning and buying.

Note: On successful completion of the courses the students will get certification by Cambridge International Institute of Professional Studies which is recognized by California University, USA. This will help the Student to attain global recognition and thus making them eligible for better opportunities.