Why pursue Online Executive MBA Programmes?

Top One Year Indian MBA Programs

We live in a competitive world, wherein business dynamics is continually changing. To survive in this VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity) world, one needs to be ever-ready to face the hurdles on one’s way. Not only survival in this competitive scenario is getting increasingly difficult, but definitions of job-fitments are also changing swiftly. Hence, it becomes increasingly important that one is equipped with relevant knowledge and is familiar with the technical know-how to face business challenges. After working for a certain number of years in the same sector, a kind of stagnation sets in among professionals. Professionals feel stuck in the positions they are holding on their career graph. To move ahead, either in terms of corporate ranks or to gain an edge over others, they realize the need for further study to up skill themselves through these Online Executive MBA Programmes. Pursuing Cambridge International Institute of Professional Studies Online Executive MBA Programmes is the way forward to gain such expertise. Unlike many other programmes, theoretical knowledge is beautifully gelled with pragmatic industry scenarios, enhancing participant’s critical and strategic thinking skills. These programmes not only impart knowledge on subjects but also refine and strengthen soft skills like leadership skills, communication competencies, adaptability to new situations, and understanding self. During this unprecedented period of time, a lot of overhaul has been done globally and India is not an exception to it.

UGC Recognized Executive MBA

An Online Executive MBA program offered by Cambridge International Institute of Professional Studies jointly with California University, USA and International Accreditation Organization in collaboration with National Institute Mass Communication. The program teaches leadership, innovation and is aimed at senior professionals and entrepreneurs. Avail all the benefits of distance Masters of Business Administration (MBA) to boost your career with a completely online MBA from UGC recognized University. Attend live and recorded classes, wherever you are. Learn at your own convenience from the most reputed faculty. Write online proctored exams from the safety of your homes. The Executive MBA at Cambridge International Institute of Professional Studies is a part-time programme that brings together business leaders from around the globe. Through interaction with top faculty, and executives from many diverse professional backgrounds, our programme gives participants rare access to invaluable insights and networks from the business world.

For Working Employees

The Online Executive MBA Programme is meant for the working executives of more than 2 years of working experience which can go up to 10 years. It is not a full time programme and is a modular program aimed at senior executives. Since it is not a regular full time MBA programme, the classes for MBA Executive programme are mostly conducted on weekends or in evening on week days or Online. The programme duration may go from 15 months to 60 months depending upon the executive MBA programme structure. We at Cambridge International Institute of Professional Studies, to cope up with the changing time; have taken a leap forward and implemented plethora of technological changes